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No design arrives fully formed. It's generally wise to let concepts evolve through testing, so natural selection can identify the strongest and weakest ideas. We also discussed the design with Peter Molyneux (creator of 'Populous' and 'Fable') and he was extremely encouraging!



prototype prototype
bits of paper first digital test (Dark Basic)
prototype prototype
2 player mode (Dark Basic) 4 player mode (Unity)
Programming by Alister Lam
prototype prototype
roll the die (AppGameKit) cards (AppGameKit)




The board and the dungeon tile mechanism have been refined over several iterations and are fairly robust. This forms the backbone of the game. The cards and player interaction still need further development, as does the combat system, but the overall design has clear merit.

Try it for yourself in a single-player prototype for Android devices. (Intended for tablets but compatible with smartphones.)



download latest prototype


Android '.APK' file (Size: 41.7MB)


Clean and safe but provided "as is", no warranty, no support.

Not intended for release. Install at your own discretion.




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