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SUBDOMAIN has been built with Godot Engine as a console-style experience for PCs. It currently requires a gamepad. (There is potential to adapt the game for mouse/keyboard input, mobile/touchscreen devices and virtual reality.)


As a 'proof of concept' demo (or pre-alpha prototype), this version of the game is not final quality. It's a playable sketch. Many desired features are missing or not fully implemented. That's exactly the plan. The point is to create a representative taste of the experience, which won't crash too much in the wild. The extra layers of detail and polish are intended for later versions.


One person is responsible for all aspects of the demo (writing, design, models, programming, sound, testing, fixing, making the website, etc.), so progress is slower than desired. However, once the demo is playable it can be shared, generating public feedback. Perhaps then it can form the basis of a more fully-realised project with a team of specialists, rather than a single generalised game designer.


Eventually, the project source files will be shared publicly (final date not decided) and players will be able to customise and change the game in any way they can imagine, using Godot and other free, open-source tools.


The basic plan is covered in this booklet:


document cover

design document8MB PDF, 113 pages, illustrated.

(Subject to change. Last upload: September 2020.)