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a mini-sub adventure




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Earth has flooded, the climate is broken
and you're just a normal person,
living in a survival mini-sub.



Pilot your mini-sub, take jobs and earn,
to customise and upgrade your vessel.

An "alternative life simulator",
not another "shoot 'em loot 'em"!



14 months into development.



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(Threat: YouTube contains ads & trackers)






Explore a flooded world on foot and aboard your sub, in 3D. Designed as a console-style experience for PCs, it requires a gamepad. Built with Godot Engine on Linux, using very many small cubes.

Currently, the game is a playable 'proof of concept' demo (unreleased), being created by a solo indie designer. It's fun and atmospheric but it's only the tip of the iceberg. The blueprint below outlines the full vision, intended for a team to develop. Meanwhile, the demo keeps growing!



Everything is covered in this booklet:


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design document8MB PDF, 113 pages, illustrated.

(Subject to change. Last upload: September 2020.)