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This site does minimal harm to the environment (although we can't vouch for your device or service provider, that's beyond our control!)

Our in-house and server electricity both come entirely from renewable supplies. We reduce, re-use and recycle where practical. We're also trying out sustainable alternatives to everyday consumables and using almost no animal products. We turn things off when they're not needed, to save money and place less drain on the grid. It goes way beyond a little sticker on our homepage.

Nobody can be perfect in this society and nobody should be proud of acting with care and reponsibility. We're just trying to cause less damage and be part of the solution.




Are you using green servers?


We're sharing this symbol under a public domain license (threat: trackers). Tap the SVG image above and save it. Use as you wish.




Do you want a green web host?


Our host's servers are in Iceland, powered by geothermal energy and cooled with icewater. They're also protected by Iceland's progressive laws. Privacy and free speech are considered human rights there. Get green hosting (threat: trackers).


(we receive nothing for making this independent recommendation)