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Host your own DigPut world.



Grab a server pod and jump in.










To get started, run the HOST WORLD program, on a spare laptop or old PC.

If connection to the network is successful, it will show a list of your local IP addresses, which can be copied and pasted into the box. Type "ip" and press [ENTER]. Paste or type your address and press [ENTER] again. The host will reconnect to the new IP address.

You can change the "port" number and maximum "guests" in the same way.


Once the server is displaying positive information, guests can join.

Run the GUEST PORTAL on another PC, on the same network. Enter the IP address and port of your HOST WORLD.


Close the program with the green cross (top left), to save your world, settings and guests.







No install, just run and play.












It's safe.

The first time you run these programs, your computer may warn you about "running unknown software" (which it absolutely should!) but DigPut is not harmful. The programs cannot access sensitive data and nothing is ever installed on your devices. You are okay to download and run files from


It's free.

This software is free to play, with no adverts or in-app purchases. It does not want your personal information and there's no spyware inside. The programs are still in development, and may not function as intended, but they will not ask for money or try to profit from you.


Limited license.

You may download and use this software for no fee. You may not claim ownership, make changes, or charge money for it. Please obtain the original files from this page, to ensure your version is safe. The source code is closed during development and this early test version is for friends and the Godot community, not for general release. It's free to own and play, at your own risk, for fun, with no consumer rights or warrantees whatsoever.


(Guest portal requires decent GPU, up-to-date operating system, mileage may vary, etc.)