Work In Progress



In development.
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Basic engine running on Android tablet.
Development time: 1 month.





This project takes ideas and lessons from the initial mini-sub prototypes
(Toxic Sea and Subversives) and reworks them,
targeting mobile devices and aiming for a simple control mechanism.

The long-term goal is a connected multiplayer experience.



"Sub mode" - surface.
Locations represented by giant cubes.
Move by tapping compass and using speed and depth sliders.


Locations are not fixed and can be moved easily in three dimensions.


"Sub mode" - submerged.


Name your sub and play with colour sliders.


Select a character and name them.


"Pilot (foot) mode" - very much in progress.
Move around locations by tapping compass.


Necessary options.
(Quit, Restart and Mute work. Load, Save and Help not implemented yet.)





Please note the word "prototype"! This is an interactive concept sketch.
Clearly, this doesn't represent a final product.