Windows security

Windows is not secure. It's designed to send your data to Microsoft (unless you actively stop it). It's also the most vulnerable operating system to viruses and attacks. (Mac is better. Linux is even better still!)

Of course, no operating system is perfectly immune to attack.

Armour yourself with these free tools:
(NOT open source)

If you have a recent edition of Windows, you should already have Windows Defender. If not, get this:
Microsoft Security Essentials (Threat: Microsoft.)

Harden your computer against spyware:
Spyware Blaster (Threats: Facebook, Google Analytics.)

Clean up your machine:
CC Cleaner (Threats: Google Analytics, Mixpanel, VisualWebsiteOptimizer.)



If you use the tools we recommend, and follow our advice, you won't really need anything else. Paying for anti-virus software certainly won't keep you safe! (Threats: Google Analytics, Scorecard Research.)

Don't waste your money. No anti-virus can detect all viruses. It's impossible. Clunky software like Norton is also unhealthy for your system, avoid. Instead, be more cautious about what YOU allow into your machine.