Threats - why we label them

We're all being exposed to trackers and malware, constantly. Website owners and app makers are responsible for what THEY put onto YOUR device but they rarely inform you clearly, when they expose you to unexpected hidden code -- and anti-virus software isn't protecting you. (Threats: Google Analytics, Scorecard Research.)


As you see, there are trackers everywhere, like the Guardian news article above. Many sites also contain adverts and Flash, which are frequently dangerous. Often there are fonts and social media buttons too. They all tend to come from other servers, without your clear consent (or knowledge), and they track you, recording your online behaviour. Sadly, that's just a fact of modern life. Our data is a valuable commodity!


Majority of top million websites infected!

The largest study of online tracking proves we really are being watched.
(Threats: Addthis, Google Tag Manager, Scorecard Research.)

Who is tracking us?

The sites you visit and the apps you use have no control over the trackers and they can't see the background code but they let them in anyway, on purpose. Usually for some sort of gain. You know, like the Trojan Horse. There's really no benefit for you, if third parties record your actions secretly, or infect your device. There are only security risks and you do not have to agree.

Creator of the Web rejects tracking



Cyber security affects you! Essential basic information