Project 'Toxic Sea'


An explanation from our game designer:





"This all started because I wanted to play in a virtual mini-sub.
  So I built a test model... and it sort of snowballed!"


I began with a blank window and after lots of typing... this had happened.




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Test video



Functioning features:

  • Land and sea modes.
  • 3D Maps.
  • Joystick controls.
  • Navigation.
  • Varied locations.
  • NPCs.
  • Audio.
  • Narrative and mission system.



Proof of concept:

The "fun bits" were starting to emerge and a submarine adventure game was looking like a valid and interesting prospect now.

There are very few submarine games in existence, at the time of writing, and even fewer great ones. I mean, how many can YOU name? There's massive untapped potential in the sub theme, which hasn't been explored in depth. Ironically. A really great sub game can stand out in a very saturated videogame market.

However, building the game in 3D was slow and heavy work. This proof-of-concept prototype had served it's purpose. It was never intended to be a finished product.





See Making Toxic Sea for more information
about the development of this project.


For the second prototype in the series, see Subversives.






Concept, design, writing, audio, visuals and programming
by Nick Pendriis.

Created with AppGameKit (Threat: Google Analytics.)

Developed on Ubuntu Linux (Threat: Google Tag Manager.)