You find an old game, with no box or manual. You don't recognise it...
But something draws you in.


Platform: Android touchscreens
Status: Functioning, playable prototype

Duration: Around 30 minutes to play this episode




Subversives is a concept sketch, to imagine a world and how players may fit within it. For speed of development, this prototype has a pixel style. There's also an unreleased 3D prototype. (See the making of Subversives.)



Tap any image to enlarge.





Download the file and install it on your Android device. Tap the icon to play. Control the game by tapping or dragging with one finger.


(40MB APK file)





Concept, design, writing, audio, visuals and programming
by Nick Pendriis.

Created with AppGameKit (Threat: Google Analytics.)

Developed on Ubuntu Linux (Threat: Google Tag Manager.)

App published under Creative Commons License (Threat: Google Analytics.)
Intellectual property, design and assets ©2017 N. G. Pendriis.
All commercial rights reserved.
Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Logo and trademark attributions.




This app is a prototype, which means it's an early version. It's provided "as is" with no warranty. We've tested it hard and no harm should come to your device. There's no damaging code in there. However, the game may glitch or break, or even fail to run at all. You install this app entirely at your own risk.