SUBVERSE | Concept document



Subverse   ( Project 'Sub Mission' )

An original concept, based on previous work.






You have your own mini-sub. Customise it. Socialise. Explore.
Scavenge. Trade. Fight in the arena!


And all the time,
you're helping good causes in the real world.






The gamification of charity donation.




Why just make a game for entertainment? It can also serve the greater good.



Project overview

Project:  Video game.
Format:  App. Internet connected.
Platform:  Build on Linux, deploy everywhere (mobile and larger screens).
Theme:  Surviving eco disaster, together, in a flooded online WORLD OF MINI-SUBS!
Audience:  Everyone welcome.
Price:  Free / libre forever.
Purpose:  Be fun, raise money for good causes, create opportunities and contribute to the community commons.




Concept sketch. mini-sub.



Game elements

Flooded future world. Customisable mini-subs. Travel to varied locations.

Online social play. Trade. Factions. Community missions and goals.

Arena battles for good causes. (Open water is an "arena" for combat. Near land is safe.)

Eco theme. Subversive/conspiracy plot. Fun rabbit holes and distractions.

Optional subscription gives 100% of proceeds to charity causes.






More detailed information