What we do





Ethical creative design

concept work | consultancy | skills for hire


From  fresh ideas  to  user-experience testing  and  beyond !








In   a   digital   world
everything     is     an
interactive  experience





We design them





From  video games  and   creativity toys
to     augmented    or    virtual worlds
and    online   community   adventures





These  are  powerful tools  for
positive   social   engagement

to  address  real-world  issues
in a  contemporary  way !













We advocate ethical practices
Including but not limited to:



Safety and security.
Transparency and integrity.
Giving back to the wider community.
Diversity, inclusivity, fairness and equality.
Raising awareness and seeking smart solutions.
Using plant-based alternatives to animal products.
Adopting ecological alternatives, like green web-hosting.
Use of free and open source licenses wherever possible.
Minimising waste throughout the supply chain.
True sustainability and re-use of materials.

Why is this smart business?

The planet is a resource,
full of natural supplies,
including human users
and a human workforce.

Forward thinking enterprises protect and nurture their resources!