What we do


experience design
concepts  consultancy  collaboration





In   a   digital   world
everything           is          an
interactive  experience





We design them





From  video games  and   creativity toys
to  augmented reality
or virtual worlds
and  live,  online  community  activities





These  are  powerful tools  for
positive   social  engagement,

to  address   real-world   issues
in  a  contemporary way !





It's not user experience...  it's human experience!


Humans respond to fun, so our goal is to gamify tough problems.
 We can work with existing projects, bringing a fresh perspective,
or we'll create original, achievable concepts from scratch.


Our focus is human experience because "users" are living beings.
 People have greatly varying needs, abilities and knowledge.
The systems and software we all use should reflect this.


We understand revenue but we're not motivated by money.
 So give us a better reason to believe in your project!
What are we doing, together, to help the world?