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Creatives with a conscience!

Fresh strategies,   tech savvy,   practical thinking,   fun.

We're passionate, no-nonsense creatives, who design interactive experiences. Our background is in game development and those skills are very portable in a digital world. We enjoy contributing to exciting and interesting projects and we like working with forward thinking, ethical partners.

We think positive digital engagement can be harnessed to change the world for the better. So we're currently devoting our time and energy to that purpose.

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Why "interactive experience design"?

The old labels we're used to are not always relevant! Whatever people do in cyberspace, be it gaming, shopping, productivity or socialising, similar principles apply. It's all digital interaction.

There are two worlds now. This one, "reality", and that other shiny one behind the glass. An interface lets us pass between the worlds. The user journey begins. If the interface isn't smooth and the spell breaks, there's no functionality, or narrative, or blood-pumping action. No user journey. Nothing.


Right now there's too much competition for eyeballs and it's very easy to swipe away. Why fight with awkward controls or clumsy design to reach some great content, when we're swamped with alternatives? Engagement and retention depend on the experience being smooth, positive and rewarding. So clearly, user-experience design and user-interface design have a direct impact on uptake, revenue and reputation.

Of course UX and UI are really just the same thing. An interface may be a gesture, a spoken word, a look. Where does interface end and experience begin? Did it start when the user tapped the icon, or when they first heard about the product? It's all interactive experience design and that's what we love!

It's the dedicated specialists who bring our ideas to life, such as programmers and artists, and they're amazingly gifted people but for us, the spotlight should always be on the interactor themselves. The "player" or "user". They're in control, it's their story, their experience and if we do our job, they'll never know we were there.

*Ninja woosh*




We advocate ethical practices
Including but not limited to:

- Adopting ecological alternatives, such as eco web-hosting.
- Use of free, open source software wherever possible.
- Trying plant-based alternatives to animal products.
- Raising awareness and looking for solutions.
- Diversity, inclusivity, fairness, equality.
- Giving back to the community.
- Transparency and integrity.