Privacy policy


Your privacy and security are extremely important to us, so we go to considerable effort to protect your anonymity and keep you safe.



Part of our ethical approach is to consider our audience,
with care and respect.

We don't have access to your personal details or store them anywhere and therefore we cannot share them. We like it that way!

(We do not request your information and we don't want it, unless you contact us and we need to reply.)



We only store basic information about visitors to our website.

(Such as IP address, time and duration of visit and which browser/operating system were used), because that's how the Internet works and we literally cannot avoid it. While this information is not entirely anonymous, it does not contain anything deemed "personal" or "sensitive". (It is entirely possible to "spoof" an IP address or use an anonymous proxy such as Tor.)

Any information you provide via the contact form is voluntary. We will treat it as confidential.



Our applications do not access your private information.

We cannot control the information collected by Google Play.
In case you do not wish to share your details with Google, download the app from this site. We make our apps available to the public independently from the Google Play store for that very reason. We care about you but we don't want to know you!



We will not share your information. We don't have it!

(In the highly unlikely event that a crime is committed and the legal authorities become involved, we may need to disclose information sent via our contact form, or via the Google Play control panel. We sincerely hope that never happens. Otherwise, the only information we'll reveal to third parties will be general aggregate statistics, such as the overall number of visitors in a given month, or the percentage of visitors who use Linux or Firefox, or how many app downloads, etc. We might make some pie-charts!)


Families and children:

We recommend our site and our work for a teen+ audience.

Sometimes we're naughty, or irreverent, or just silly, but we're safe. We take the time to label content clearly, so you can make informed choices about suitability.

There's nothing harmful on this website.

Our apps are designed to be safe for all ages
but are not intended for the very young