What is open source?

A different way of thinking.

Open source refers to anything created, where the ingredients and recipe are shared. The term originally meant software but has evolved to include other types of creative work, from artwork to hardware. Wikipedia is a fine example of an open source project. There's no bigger or better team of people than the entire human race!

All software, in any device, is made from computer code. That's the basic set of ingredients. When a programmer writes a program, it's called the "source code". That's the recipe. Big companies guard their source code recipes jealously (using copyright laws), because they don't want anyone to discover their "trade secrets". They don't want the public to know how their programs actually work. Things can be hidden. Secret ingedients.

Open-source software is exactly the opposite approach. It means sharing the source code openly with the world. Anyone can check it, or copy it, or contribute changes. Nobody can hide any dirty little secrets in there, so it's better for security and it generates collaborative development. Teamwork. Ideas are shared, not locked away, so everyone benefits and the human race makes progress.

The key to all of this is the open license. Just sharing code is not enough to ensure freedom. Real open source work has a license that absolutely guarantees freedom.

Types of open license:


Governments supporting open source:

Around the globe, authorities are waking up to the benefits of free, open source software.

Belgium (Threats: Ad-pushup, Dpmsrv, Google Analytics.)
Bulgaria (Threats: Go-mPulse, Indexww, Sharethrough.)
China (Threats: Ad-pushup, Google Analytics, Optnmnstr.)
France (Threats: Chartbeat, Google, Revcontent.)
Italy (Threats: Indexww, Optimizely, Sharethrough.)
Munich (Threats: Bkrtx, Google, Skim Resources.)
Norway (Threats: Bkrtx, Gigya, Google, Omtrdc.)
UK (Threats: Dpmsrv, Google, Optimizely, Revsci.)
Vancouver (Threats: Adnxs, Google, Luckyorange, Twitter, Tynt.)


Open source projects:

Some examples from the open source collection.

Android (Threat: Google.)
Sony Mobile Open Device Program  (Threat: Google tag manager.)
Wordpress (Threat: Google, Quantserve, Twitter.)



The Open Source definition. (Threat: Google Analytics.)
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