Smartphones and games enable people to engage with charitable giving in fun new ways. Virtual activity can make the real world a better place!

So we're here to design and develop nice toys and games which will generate funds entirely for good causes. We'll make all of our work open source and contribute to the community commons.

We have an ethical plan, for using gamification and open ledger technology to generate donations, safely and securely, and to provide opportunities. It is intended to inspire collaborative creativity, while raising awareness of issues, educating by stealth and helping to fund solutions.

Donations will benefit (multiple) humanitarian, ecological and community-interest projects.


This is a not-for-profit endeavour.
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Give Back More  |  an open manifesto

The gamification of charity donation






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(Last updated: 12th April, 2018.)



This document is under regular revision and is not for general distribution.
We are currently seeking advice, collaboration and support.

This is an independent not-for-profit project, which will be registered,
as a separate legal entity, with community interest goals.












Public money? Public code!