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INTERACTION DESIGN from high concept to hidden details.

There are two worlds. This one, "reality", and the other shiny one behind the glass. An interface lets you pass between the worlds. The "user experience" journey begins. If the interface isn't smooth and the spell breaks, there's no narrative, or blood-pumping action, or functionality. Nothing.

Right now there's too much competition for eyeballs and it's just too easy to swipe away. Why fight with cumbersome controls to reach some great content, when we're swamped with readily available alternatives? Engagement and retention depend on the experience being positive or rewarding. So user-experience design and user-interface design have a direct impact on revenue and reputation.

Of course, they've already merged. An interface may be a gesture, a spoken word, a look. Where does interface end and experience begin? It's all interaction design and that's what we love! We design experiences of all kinds. We're not programmers or artists. We design worlds, narratives, game mechanics and systems. We focus on interaction, usability, user interfaces and the overall user journey, letting that guide and inform other aspects of development. We're a useful and valuable addition to your talent pool.

It's the other dedicated specialists who bring the design to life... but for us, the spotlight should always be on the 'interactor' themselves. The "player" or "user". They're in control, it's their story, their experience and if we do our job, they'll never know we were there. *Ninja woosh*


Basically, we design games but it's much more. Here's what we bring to the table:



That's the foundation for our relationship.



Great ideas are easy, free and limitless. We all have them. Look up and right. There are over 300,000 game concepts in that big yellow sticker (as long as you have JavaScript enabled). It's just a throwaway gag but some of them must be great (law of averages) and we always have more if you run out! We take our inspiration from every aspect of life.



However, recognising great ideas and refining them is a special skill. So is the prompt, diplomatic and constructive handling of weaker ideas. These skills take time and experience to develop. We've put in the time and we've experienced much. Our ideas are based on logic, research and hands-on practice. Of course, we've also made many, many mistakes along the way and that means we can avoid them in the future. We're wiser now and we have the scars to prove it.



Sure, everyone's played some games. We've played thousands of them, literally, and learned from them all, from the first gen to the next gen, be it on computer, console, handheld, smartphone or tablet. That's a lot of thumb mileage right there! It should be clear that we're passionate and dedicated, with plenty of reference material to draw upon.



In addition to fluent English, we can communicate in a multitude of ways, using sketches, diagrams, documents and test models. We work well with other specialised skillsets and disciplines from technical, or creative, through to marketing, or operations. We understand the industry and our role within it and we can adapt our vocabulary for almost any audience.



We're an asset and that's good for your bottom line.



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