Web hosting

Our server is fuelled by volcanoes and ice water. It is situated in Iceland, a famous bastion of free speech and privacy. We chose our hosts for these reasons before any other consideration, because opting for renewable energy matters, as do personal freedoms. We also wanted everything to run on free, open-source software, such as Linux.


Now we've been with our hosts for a while (since 2016) and we've always experienced swift and successful customer service, whenever needed, so we're sticking with them. We feel satisfied with the range of features and the value for money we're getting -- and that's not easy to find! (Wow this sounds like an advert but it's not, it's an endorsement based on experience. We walk the walk, talk is just cheap.)

Anyway, this site runs on OrangeWebsite servers and we trust them! They're eco-responsible, anonymous, private, secure, affordable and they run a great service. Bitcoin welcome. Speak freely!
(Not free of financial charge but you do get freedom!)

Visit OrangeWebsite (Threats: Google Analytics and Google APIs.)

Transparency: We will get a referral fee for new customers who use this link and then sign up. Any such fee will go towards our own server costs and general upkeep. Unfortunately server farms and human maintenance both need funding, so we made the decision to affiliate ethically. We like our hosts and suggest you try them. Please make your own, informed choices!

You can visit their site WITHOUT the referral link here. (Threat: Google Analytics.)




We chose to build this site with Drupal. (Threats: Google Analytics.)

It's free, open-source software and pretty easy to use, without having to dig around inside the code (unless you want to). This site is basically the vanilla template, which we've personalised via the web-interface and expanded with a few plug-in modules. Drupal is a flexible system and capable of so much more! We just wanted simple pages that we could edit in a WYSIWYG way, having full control but with minimal hassle. Job done, back to designing~!




If you want a website at no cost, your options are extremely limited. Generally you should avoid "free" hosts, unless you understand why the service is free. If it's ethical, great but ethical free hosting is as rare as unicorn feathers. If it's actually based around a company making money and yet the service is free... you should be highly skeptical! *cough* honeytrap *cough*

So what can you do, if you literally cannot afford to rent your own server? Well, although your freedom is greatly reduced, here are some of the better no-money options:

Weebly (Threat: Quantserve.)
Wordpress (Threat: Google Ad Services.)