Ethical hosting


Situated in Iceland, a famous bastion of free speech and privacy, our server is fuelled by sustainable energy from volcanoes and ice water.

We chose our hosts for these reasons before any other consideration, because supporting renewable energy and human rights is vital. We also wanted everything to run on free, open-source software.

We believe that ethics should factor into every decision, from the ground up.



Why we love our web hosts.

We've been with our hosts for a while now (since 2016) and that's our testimony.

  • eco-responsible
  • anonymous
  • private
  • secure
  • affordable
  • solid uptime
  • great service
  • Bitcoin welcome
  • speak openly

(Not free of financial charge but you do get freedom!)

Visit OrangeWebsite through our affiliate link. (Threats: Google Analytics and Google APIs.)


We get a referral fee if you use this link and then rent a server from our hosts. Any such fee will go towards our own server costs and general upkeep. Unfortunately server farms and human maintenance need funding, so we made the decision to affiliate ethically. We genuinely like our hosts and suggest you try them. Please make your own, informed choices!

You can visit their site WITHOUT the referral link here. (Threat: Google Analytics.)



Photo:  Jökulsárlón, Iceland by Kenny Muir. (Wikimedia Commons).  CC-by-2.0 (Threat: Google Analytics.)