Initial concept for game character and setting.



Every night, jellyfish worlds swarm slowly overhead.
For centuries, people have wondered what secrets they hold.



At the Creakwood Observatorium, a large telescope studies the alien worlds.
They've learned that we're not alone and not everyone is friendly!



This is Bisketto. He fixes things. He also makes things from recycled scrap and sells them.
His skills and good intentions will get him into a heap of trouble.



Obviously there are other bisketti, apart from Bisketto.
He's a Caramoffee but there are many varieties...

... and they're all in danger~!



The peaceful lands of Biskos are rich in resources and short on defences.
Just imagine how tempting that looks to more aggressive alien creatures!
Well, the first wave of scouts are already on their way.


Guess who gets to fix this!








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