Android apps

Android itself is free and open-source software. Unfortunately, Google's services are not and they actively spy on you. That's their business. For this reason it's wise to have minimal contact with Google. Avoid using a Google account on your device if possible. At the very least, make throw-away accounts with no real information and pay with gift cards.

Try to avoid making accounts with manufacturers and mobile carriers. You can take steps to protect yourself on Android devices, even without "rooting" them, which is generally legal but sometimes complicated. If you can root your device, you have much greater control of security - if you're careful and you know what you're doing.

Bottom line: Android gives you the flexibility to control your own security, instead of just trusting Google to care!



F-Droid (Threat: PayPal object for donate button.)
A safe alternative app store, full of free, non-Google, open-source apps. No account necessary. You'll find all kinds of apps there, from games and browsers to security tools!



    Security apps:


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    Safety note:

    Your Android device has security settings (in the main system options) to "Allow unknown sources". As a rule this should be set to "off". It's safe to allow F-droid and Guardian Project apps by changing this setting. Always switch it back afterwards!

    It is not advisable to use any other non-official app stores, or pirated apps. That's just asking for trouble!